Android – 8.0 Oreo Features

Android – 8.0 Oreo Features : While Google has issued a regular announcement of the latest Android and Android operating system, “Oreo”, it is important to know which new features have been added, which old features improve. Whereas the current features they have been given to. Oreo operating system is currently only developed for Google Pixel and Nexus Smartphones and its Beta testing is still continuing – only registered users can download it by downloading it.

There are some key features of the Google OAV operating system, which will be beneficial for you better than you know.
It has been improved in audio, under which the Nokia Focusin related app will now appear in the form of a small point (dot) on its icon and touch the app icon. Andrews’s current operating systems show new information on the Smartphone screen’s Notification area, which has to open the Notification icon. However, seeing any app directly touching the notification will keep the process faster and easier. The only feature of the notification is already available in the Apple iPhone, which has been copied into the Omaha Ovey.

Whenever Andrewwood Ou users choose a text, it will automatically detect using artificial intelligence that this text contains simple text, addresses, email address, or any url. If the user puts some part of such a piece pressed for a few seconds, then he will select it as far as (in his opinion) address this address, email address or url.

There is definitely an app or feature available for optimizing smartphone or tablet performance. Keeping in view this aspect, Google Oyo has also been incorporated by modernizing the old optimization feature, in which the other important tasks related to automatic compression, code locality and system optimization of files are more convenient, faster and faster. (Usually) automatically made.

Google Endrode Oreo will automatically limit the use of features such as location services and WiFi scans, while the other remedies will be kept blank, so that the use of the smartphone or tablet battery can work longer. Keep doing

Apps and widgets are used more, you can always keep their shortcuts in a higher launcher; i.e. “pin”. This is exactly the same as the selected chats in the Wats app can pin up and how many messages later, they are always upward.

Under Google, there is an app called “Endowed TV” which aims to create great features in finding and watching online videos. Android TV’s Home screen has been completely separated to improve the app, where you can find online videos very easily, will be able to see them immediately, and save them for later viewing. Currently, this app features a few more video sharing websites besides YouTube, which will be expanded to further services.

Google has announced that its team is designing new emails that will be more beautiful and easy to use than existing emails. These ammunitions, which will be prepared for the first half and a half years, will be presented in Endrode Oregon.


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