Dark Web vs Deep Web

Some people consider the Dark Web and Deep Web the same thing. But both of them have a lot of difference. An estimated Deep Web volume is 5 times more than the Worldwide Web we have access to. It is sometimes known as iceberg, which is the upper part of the ocean, while the part of the water is the Deep Web. The Deep Web is actually websites or online services that do not have access to common people.

Dark Web vs Deep Web

They do not even index any search engines, so they do not find any link on search engines like Google. An online database can be offered as an example of Dep Web, in which you may have to choose some option or type Captcha to search. Since no search engines can do so, hence the data that results in selecting the option is not in the search engine handles. Millions of millions of web sites around the world are on which many secret services are running. The Dark Web is actually part of the Deep Web, but it is too short compared to the size of the DP.


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