iPhone 7 to shut down by Apple Company

California: Apple Company has decided to shut down the highest storage iPhone 7 model. Apple’s biggest company in the United States technology produces multiple products, but there is no competition in the smartphone industry in 2007, and every one of its changes changes in the field with the new features in Apple, when Apple Recently, after completing its 10 years, the new model was introduced in the name of ‘iPhone X’, which has introduced facial recognition from face to face for the first time instead of the marks of fingers.

The company has now decided to shut down the ‘iPhone 7’ storage model, which will no longer increase the 256 GB of iPhone 7 when the company has decided its model last month. Phone 8 was launched on launching, but now it has completely stopped its purchase after starting the process.

According to recent reports, Apple Company’s top officials confirmed that the 256 GB of iPhone 7 will not be sold directly now, meaning that no buyers will no longer buy this model from the company store. However, they will be able to buy from a third (which will already be present in the stock with the vendors).

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