Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 Water Test

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 Water Test

Samsung is going to introduce its latest flagship phone Galaxy S8 with Apple’s most unique features so far that it has not been seen in any of its models.
Samsung’s phone is likely to be introduced in the beginning of next year and it also wants to get out of the blow of the South Korean company Galaxy Note 7. Such reports have come in front of Samsung Galaxy S8 that Samsung will use its most modern hardware, including powerful processor and larger screen, including the most powerful front cameras.
The Korean News Site ET News report has claimed that the auto-focus of the Galaxy S8 front camera has also been placed for the first time. It is a good news for people like Salphy, because Auto Focus will give users an opportunity to take the best photos.
There is a lot of auto-focus facility in front of a few devices available in front of the device while the iPhone is still missing. Auto-focus technology is used for backup cameras in more smart phones, which have more than megapixels compared to front.
Keeping the same thing Sam decided to keep Auto Focus in the front camera of the Galaxy S8 so that it could be unique compared to other flagship smartphones. It is also said that the phone will be more slim than ever before, even though it is rotating rumors that it will have 256 GB storage and 6 GB ram.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8

Like the last three years, the Galaxy S8 will also be introduced with two models, but this time the standard device can be 5.7 inches screen, larger than the Galaxy Sensor screen, which is 5.1 inches. Similarly, there are phones with a S8 Plus 6.2-inch Edge-to-show display that will prove to be Samsung’s biggest screen smartphone ever. Most of his new flagship phones are introduced by Samsung in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, but this time it has been delayed.
  Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 Water Test


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