Taiga Spyware Free Smartphone Launched

Russia’s famous anti-virus company Keeper Ski claims to develop a smartphone that can not be used for a digital map and no spy can be done. Russia’s internationally renowned company Kapisać announced that Natalya Kasperski has developed ‘Taegafone’ for corporate and business, which is making Anavwach Group and will cost 26,000 Pakistani rupees.

Taiga Spyware Free Smartphone Launched

Announcing a tiger phone at a function in Moscow on Friday, Natalya Kapskići said that this is a ‘Surrealism-proof’ phone, which privacy has been spread to a new level and can not take any smartphones for the smartphone. However, the company has not issued further details.
However, on the Kakespeace company, American government agencies have accused that it has been providing theft data to the Russian organization, and in this regard the Copscape company considers a class contradictory. Earlier, a claim was made to make a similar smartphone in Russia, called ‘Utafon’. Its first model was presented at the scene in 2013.

Taiga is completely green and it is named on a very large forest in Russia, which is located in the north of the country. The phone has two cameras, two sim slots and a 5-inch touch screen and at the same price, it is equivalent to the fourth or fifth of the iPhone price.
Talking about the Tiger phone, the company said that there is a lot of rumors to store data from the smartphone in Russia, and with the guarantee it hides your phone’s location and fails to capture any kind of information.


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