UQ Mobile Latest Models 2018 thorough explanation

Simply comparing the price plans will only introduce the catalog information of each company, so I tried a little simulation according to what you are going to use cheap SIM.

UQ Mobile Latest Models 2018 thorough explanation

In addition, we compare all fees without tax.

Anyway I want to make monthly charge cheaper (phone can be an application such as LINE or Facetime)

I tried comparing the cheapest price plans of both companies. There is no telephone function.

【UQ Mobile】
· If you set the data high speed plan (3 GB / month), it is available at 980 yen.

· Single type ( 500 MB / month ), it is available for 700 yen .

If you take the view that “Anyway cheap!”, “Mineo is cheaper”, but because the available communication capacity is 500 MB (≈ 0.5 GB), there is only one sixth of UQ Mobile.

I myself often communicate by WiFi at home, so there are many months to complete with less giga, but indeed it will be enough if only 500 MB can be used.

If both companies are planned to have the same communication capacity (giga) plan, since Minneo has a plan of 900 yen at a single type (3 GB / month), comparison can be made on the same conditions.

It is only 80 yen, but Mineo is cheaper .

I sometimes call, so I want to make it cheaper including phone bills

I tried to compare the two companies with a plan that I can call.

【UQ Mobile】
· Talking Plan S 2GB + All-you-can-eat as $ 1,980

· 500 MB + 10% unlimited unlimited = 1,310 + 850 = 1,860 yen
· 1 GB + 10 minutes unlimited = 1,410 + 850 = 2,260 yen
· 3 GB + 10 minutes unlimited = 1,510 + 850 = 2,360 yen

Since both companies have no plans to match the conditions, it will be a comparison on a close plan.


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