Whatsapp Introduce a new version for businessmen

The Whatsapp used for messaging has now introduced its new version, keeping in view the needs of businessmen. This new version introduced by the Wats app has been named “Watson Business” and has introduced 6 new features regarding business.

The Whatsapp Business is still on beta mode and this app’s beta tester can download it from Google Play and if you are not a beta tester, there is nothing to worry about this app’s ‘ap’s file’ Is. Here we will tell you what’s the ‘Wats App Business’ and how and how it’s different from the original version of Wats app.

If you are the Wats app user, it will be interesting to note that on the Whatsapp you can only advertise mobile numbers, but the option to save landline numbers in ‘Whatsapp Business’ has been added. The Wats app also has the ability to automate the business account – if you want to instantly respond to someone’s message but are unable to do so due to the shortage of time, then there is an option in which your The answer will automatically reach the sender when you can schedule your answers for the next few hours or days. In the original version of the Wats app you can not see the data received or sent, but this feature has also been added in ‘Watsup Business’.

Whatsapp Introduce a new version for businessmen

Whatsapp new version

Before using the ‘Whatsapp Business’ you also have to select the business category in the app, but the business category in it does not match the original business if you are using the ‘other’ option, your business Can type the type of The Wats app account will verify your business via a green mark and any green mark next to the number in your mobile phone will mean that this person also has a Watts App Business Account. Watson Business logo is also different from the Old Whatsapp and it is written ‘B’ instead of the telephone marks.


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