Windows 10 Free Download and Installation Method

Windows 10 is available to users, the first news was announced to free those users who have installed real-windows crack windows not meant, but just a short time before launching it Decided to give up and they also free for everyone …. Installing Windows 10, I’ll tell you the procedure to download, hopefully you’ll like everyone and I hope that all the friends will share their experiences what’s new in it and how you get it.

Windows 10 Free Download

Windows 10 Free Download and Installation Method

There is no need to repeat that Microsoft has presented this window in front of the world as a challenge, and also announced that Windows 10 will be the last Windows and no windows will be launched, but its different versions Can be expected.

It’s a tool to install Windows 10, such as Microsoft has made it available for special and general, it’s available to both 32 and 64 bit devices operating systems. Download this tool according to your current operating system. Its name is the “Media Credits Tool” MediaCreationTool, when it size is 19 MB. With this tool not only can you get the installation media, but also upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 directly.

After downloading, click on this setup file shortly afterwards, a screen will appear in front of you to do what you want to upgrade or want to upgrade to Windows after the selection The Selection Windows Edition and you will be asked once again, which you would like to use from 32/64 if you want to download it, you have the option to download both at a time. If you want to upgrade after upgrading, upgrading will start and the computer will be once restored after the completion.

Windows 10 Fall Creators update download

And you will see that your PC has been upgraded but if you want to download, you will be asked whether you would like to do it in the USB or would like to save it in the ISO file. You can download the ISO file then save it to a burner with a burner, after downloading it will start running, and after the file is completed you will be asked for boring. . A caution is essential for users using Windows 10, because the Windows 10 error is that Windows 10 will automatically tell your WiFi password to your friends, Skype, and Outlook friends whose This Windows is already installed in computers. This software error has created that the company has placed a feature in which you can easily share your WiFi password with your friends. Experts say that since Windows 10 automatically passwords share with other people, it is a huge security risk. He has instructed users to be cautious Stay tuned to your computers and keep the relevant feature on off mode.

This feature name for Windows 10 is Wifi sense. This feature connects the user’s computer to a nearby WiFi automatically. Microsoft says this feature has been created to give users maximum access to the Internet. This feature will be very beneficial for users who want to be connected to the Internet at the time, but they can also close this feature if they do not want to use WiFi.



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