Windows 7 Installation Step by Step Guide

Things you need to know before starting the installation

1: You must have a Windows 7 bootable DVD. If you do not have a Windows DVD, Start your computer and press F2 in some models specially in HP based system its F9 to access boot options. Doing this will show you a menu in which you will get an option to boot the system from a CD / DVD. Sell ​​it. Windows will start loading your files.

2: You will be in the Windows setup menu in a while. Here you will select Windows English and click Next. Then you will have the option of INSTALL NOW, click on it and start installing the Windows.

Windows 7 Installation Step by Step Guide

3: You will then be entitled to license or agreement. Click Accept and move to the next step. · Your next option will be the option to install your UPGRADE and ADVANCED. Since we are trying to install the Frieshe window, so you click Custom.

4: In this step you will create your hard disk partitions. This is the most important step in the installation. In this step you will allocate the space from your hard disk. If you want to create your new drive, click NEW. Will be a new drive.
Windows 7 Installation
5: When you create a custom drive, select the drive where you want to install your window. Click FORMAT and in this way all the previous data in this drive will be lost. Now click NEXT.
 Windows 7 Installation Step by Step
6: Clicking on NEXT will start installing your window. During that time you can drink tea and wait for some time. Remember that you will not close your system. If you do so, you may have to repeat all the actions again.
how to install win 7
7: Now that all your files have been installed, your system will be restarted. Now you will see a menu of USER SETTINGS. Write your name and password and click NEXT.
windows 7 installation guide

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