The world’s best, useful and free apps

useful and free apps
The world’s best, useful and free apps
Phone Battery Life : We are about the most embarrassed battery in the hard drive of the mobile phone. The highly efficient Casper battery life available in the free can make your life easier.
With this launch launch application, you can find out how long the battery will be charged. It also tells the correct status of the battery that the battery will be quiet after several hours or minutes. Similarly, the app tells you closing the applications you can avoid battery consumption. This app is currently in the Beta version but is still very useful which is available.
This information provides the app information on the initial medical aid provided in every emergency until diabetes disorder and heart attack. Similarly, there is a way to avoid accidental injuries and injuries in home. Please enter a web address note.
Use the brain and make it powerful : There are thousands of apps that improve mental capacity, but experts say Eliotte better than that. These apps provide a variety of mental exercises and exclusions that help solve mathematical problems, improve, focus, and focus on memory.
Make your phone a dashboard camera Nixer is a great app if you want to save the entire trip to the camera while driving a car. You can record your travel in terms of insurance, social and other needs. This is an intelligent app that also keeps track of the speed and direction of the front vehicle.
We have a smartphone on a toiletite night and we keep up with it even before sleep, but very few people are aware of the implicit effects of the mobile phone. Considering this exciting app day and night, Azkhod keeps his bullying light and over. It is clear that it is very harmful to keep eye on mobile screen for a long time. The toilet uses a red filter on the screen to the night so that your eyes do not bother. Go to the app for this night shift mode and protect your eye. Download from here


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