World’s first “5G” Smartphone Pics and Specs

World's first 5G Smartphone Pics and Specs









New York: One of the leading American telecom companies employed the world’s first “5G” smartphone league. As soon as 5G technology is announced in India World’s first “5G” Smartphone Pics and Specs, consumers are awaiting its intensity and today is the debate that when the Internet’s fastest service will be available.

Experts say that some features of 5G in 2019 will start on stage footage and by 2020, 5G smartphones will be available in the market.

According to media reports, a employee named “Kulakum”, a leading US company, referring to an iPhone 5 telephony smartphone on Twitter, said, “I am not convinced that the world’s first 5G Smartphone is in my hand.

Experts say it is said that the picture looks like this phone is made for “5G” test and will be brought to the market after spending experimental steps. Probably the phone will have front and back camera as well as dual flash facility as well as it will support 3G and 4G. It is clear that cellular and mobile phone companies around the world are working on “5G” technology and experts claim that by 2020 5G mobile networks will come.



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